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Beekeeping Equipment

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When one ventures into beekeeping, beekeeping equipment or apiary equipment is very essential. The various beekeepers’ equipments are veil, gloves, clothing, smoker, queen excluders, bee feed and feeders, honey extractors and wax processors.

Protective clothing protects beekeepers from stings of honey bees. A smoker allows beekeeper to control bees and hence protects against stings. A hive tool helps beekeeper in gently prying apart top bars or frames thus reducing risk of disturbing the bees. All of these equipments can be made locally by tinsmiths or tailors. These can be procured through various beekeeping stores, associations or can be bought online. Beekeeping catalogue of reputed companies come handy in selecting the cost effective product. Internet is a very versatile source of finding beekeeping equipment suppliers.

Whatever the mode of procuring beekeeping equipment, it should meet the requirement and must be cost effective and durable.

The various beekeeping equipments are

1. Veil: A veil is the most important equipment required by a honey beekeeper. It can be a plastic or metal screen, nylon mesh or mosquito netting. It can also be made to fit over a wide brim hat that holds the veil away from the face and neck. Elastic or rubber band is used to hold veil onto the hat. The color of the mesh material should be dark so as to limit reflection and help in visibility.

2. Gloves are another apiary equipment that is needed in case the bees are volatile. These can be made of leather or cloth. Buy that reach up to elbow so as to cover maximum part of the hand.

3. Clothing forms an important part of honey beekeeping equipment. they must be light in color and loose-fitting as bees do not get attracted towards light color. Overalls are the best option as they cover the whole body.

4. Smoker is essentially protective equipment in the sense that it prevents bees from stinging the beekeeper. It helps in making bees consume honey instead of flying and stinging. A smoker has firebox along with grate that holds the smoldering material. It has a nozzle which directs the path of smoke.

Locally made smokers go a long way in meeting the exact requirement of an apiary. As local tinsmith can understand the requirement and design smoker as per your description, this form of smokers are the best choice. Otherwise, you can check in used beekeeping equipment shop for a smoker that meets your requirement.

5. Honey extractors: These beekeeping equipments are very essential once honey is formed and needs to be extracted. You can go through beekeeping equipment catalogue for the best honey extractors.

6. Honey and wax processors: Once honey is extracted, it needs to be processed so as to refine it and clean it of all impurities. This processed honey is the honey that is sold and has huge demand. Likewise, beeswax needs to be processed so as to be fit for use in shoe polish, candle and other such products. Honey and wax processors can be purchased online from any beekeeping equipment supplier.

Bee keeping Supplies

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Typical beekeeping supplies include bees, queen bee, hives, swarms, Nuc Boxes, frames and foundations. These are supplies that are essential for hive making. Along with these, bee medication is also an important honeybee supply.

The first and foremost supply is of bees. The source of bees varies according to the region. If an area has experienced honey beekeepers, it is prudent to obtain bees from them and make sure that the colony is established one. In case the colony is in a fixed-comb hive, then that can be transferred onto frame-type of hive. Bees can be bought in packages or in nuc boxes. Nuc boxes have nuclei or nuc which is a small colony and has an adult bee and has bars or frames along with comb, brood and stores. A package consists of a screen-wire box that has worker bees and a caged queen bee. The honey bees are generally sold by weight.

While opting for high-tech beekeeping, bee keepers’ supplies should be obtained in packages and nucs. Before installing them in the hive, expert opinion can be sought from sellers. It is essential that the source of bees is local so as to avoid disease, pests and unwanted bee stains as a result of imported bees.

Next, supply of swarms is also another option to obtain bees and it is an important beekeeping supply. Swarms can be obtained in an area where they are routinely found. Use of bait hive is very effective in catching swarms. Swarms can also be procured from nearby apiary. This is a fast way of breeding bees.

Next honey beekeeping supply is hive. Hives are of different types like fixed-comb hives, moveable-comb hives, Langstroth hive, etc. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon your requirement and scale of honey beekeeping, you can opt for a hive. Fixed-comb hive are naturally built on natural structures like trees. Moveable –comb hive and Langstroth hives can be built or can be purchased from stores or online. Polystyrene hive is another type of hive that is easily available online.

Nuc boxes that come along with frames have become essential part of beekeeper’s supplies. With 5 Frame Nuc Feeder, feeding nucs has become easy. They come with plastic top feeder with five frames. The feeder covers the entire top of the nuc. Thus, there is no need to open the nuc and disturb the bees to refill the feeder. You have to just lift the lid and fill the reservoir. Nuc boxes can be bought at any beekeeping store or online.

Foundation is also an important honeybee supply. It is generally made of plastic and wax that is the base for honey bees to draw out the comb.

Thus, it is clear that all the beekeeping supplies are easily available, though care should be taken to procure bee, queen bee and swarm locally so as to avoid disease that come with imported bee stock. Also, most of the other supplies are easily available online and in beekeeping stores. These supplies can be procured locally through beekeeping associations and experienced beekeepers in your area.